GCSE Geographical Investigation – Chapter Two – METHODOLOGY - 500 words  

Click on the link to see a project written in 2002 'Spheres of influence of two Supermarkets' - pdf document.        

The candidate IDENTIFIES A QUESTION OR ISSUE, explains why that particular question or issue was chosen. The candidate describes the SEQUENCE OF INVESTIGATION, the METHODS USED in obtaining the information and explains WHY THE METHODS SELECTED ARE RELEVANT to their investigation. Selection, observation, collection and recording uses a COMPREHENSIVE RANGE of appropriate techniques. the work is well ORGANISED, PLANNED and shows evidence of ORIGINALITY AND INITIATIVE by the candidate.

Top tips

  • Word process your project
  • Choose a site to collect primary data near to your house
  • Read a good, past project to get an overview of the task ahead.
  • Discuss your plans with your teacher. This will save you time.
  • Use www.pupilvision.com for resources and writing frames for each chapter.
  • Download the ‘Investigation Planning Sheet’. Complete the boxes and present it to your teacher. Make a fresh copy to put in your final investigation.
  • Read the 'Project guidelines for pupils and teachers' page.
  • GEOGRAPHY INVESTIGATION. This counts for 25% of your final GCSE. It should be no more than 2,500 words in length and is completed by the end of September of Year 11. Your first chapter will be completed by April of year 10. Over the coming weeks there will be new pages to guide you through each chapter of your investigation.
    Click on the link to see the 'Planning Sheet'.
    Click on the link to see the writing frame for 'Chapter One - Introduction.'
    Click on the link to see the writing frame for 'Chapter Two - Methodology.'
    Click on the link to see the writing frame for 'Chapter Three - Data Interpretation'
    Click on the link to see the writing frame for 'Chapter Four - Conclusion and Evaluation'