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January 31st 2004
New research from IGD has found that whilst the majorities (60%) of shoppers do a main weekly shop, 93% of shoppers will also use top-up trips in between to boost this.

IGD's Shopper Insight Store Formats report says that there are two main reasons for top-up shopping:
48% of shoppers buy products they have run out of, usually key items like bread and milk
37% buy products that they prefer to buy more regularly than once a week such as fresh foods.

In addition, 22% use top-up shopping to buy something that they have forgotten in their main shop and 10% because they need a specific item.
IGD's research showed that shoppers would choose the venue that was easiest for them to get to when doing top-up shopping. 40% would to go to a supermarket, which has the added convenience of free parking, while 35% choose a local convenience store.

11% would use a High Street store, and these are particularly useful for shoppers on their way to and from work. Men (41%) are more likely than women (32%) to use convenience stores to top-up while those with very young children tend to rely on supermarkets (48%).

However, the shoppers that IGD spoke to considered that convenience was not just about how close the store was to them but also how easy the products were to find within it.

Joanne Denney-Finch, Chief Executive IGD said "We are seeing a surge in the trend of top-up shopping and it is not just down to time pressure. Families are eating different foods at different times and there is an increased trend towards snacking. This is creating a great opportunity for retailers of all formats, not just convenience operators. Shoppers want convenience, however they want to able to park and have a wide range of products as well as being able to find the product they need in the least amount of time and effort. Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Discounters all have the capabilities to entice these shoppers and merchandising and product placement will be key in the battle for top-up shop share."