The Central Business District is the urban zone at the heart of the city. It is dominated by three land uses, RETAIL, OFFICES and ENTERTAINMENT.

The CBD is located in the most accessible location of the city where the main road routes converge. This accessiblity is the reason that the CBD has the highest land value due to competition.

Retail and entertainment require a location in the CBD because it requires access to the biggest customer base.
Offices requires a location in the CBD because it has access to the most suitable and well qualified workers.

The competition for land and high land value result in tall buildings which maximise floor space.

What are the problems of the CBD?

Click on the photograph of the CBD of Birmingham. This will open a word document. Save the document to your hard drive and complete the following exercise.
1) Draw a series of text boxes around the photograph and write annotations in the boxes. The annotations should describe how the elements of the photograph illustrate the features of the CBD.
2) When you use geographical terms highlight them in bold.
3) Use images from to integrate a small map and a small photo of the location.(Western end of New Stree, Birmingham - looking east.)
4) Save the document complete with annotations and title complete.
5) Email the final document to your teacher.