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From the products section you probably know that Sony is a leader in entertainment. Well why make it different for you here. The Sony website is all about information well we have put together some games for you to keep you entertained. Play them, after all that's what Sony is all about, keeping you entertained.


Sony Business Plan Presentation

Welcome To The Sony Website On

This is a global Sony Website, where you can learn more about us.
Here you can view our latest products and find out how we transport our goods in EVERY country on Earth.
Sony to you is a big name, you probably buy the name not the product. When you hear the name Sony you automatically think, 'Top Quality' but little did you know 50 years ago we were struggling to make our name heard.
Have you ever stopped to wonder out we originated, or even better who started us
See Sony is a global company now, where any product we release with the Sony Trademark is bound to be a hit.
This website explains everything form our origin to our export market.
Click the links above to read the relevant information.
Sony is all about Entertainment so we have put a few online games to entertain you.
Enjoy your journey and perhaps you will know more about us before you buy your next product from us.
Lasting Thought- Would you buy from 50 years back when we were not as well established?

Products Section
Look at the above products. To see these with their specs and hundreds more, go to the products section!

Latest Product

The wait is over! PlayStation 2 is available to buy from almost any electrical superstore in the UK, US and in EVERY electrical shop in JAPAN. As well as supporting DVDs, audio CDs and stunning next generation games, it's also compatible with the hundreds of original PlayStation games already available.

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