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Global Exportation Market

Any international company needs ways of getting its goods all around the world. This rule applies more to Sony than to any other company as it is a pioneer in its own industry.

Our world is a rapidly changing one and full of several technological mediums. The most popular one is the Internet. It is through the World Wide Web that you are able to read this right now, Sony exploits the Internet in a whole new way to fund their new venture into the exciting new business e-commerce. Using the latest technology and computers along with slight pieces of information such as credit card numbers, Sony are now capable of selling their pioneering electronic goods around the world. Sony is an absolutely massive business with several arms across the globe, each of them can be found on the Internet. Links to these companies can be found at the end of this piece. Sony uses the Internet to sell its latest music through its Sony Music chain as well as using the Web to give information about new movies from their movie brand Columbia & Tri-Star. The E-commerce business has been estimated at being worth approximately $380 billion in the year 2003! Sony, being the trailblazing company that it is, obviously has and will not let such a money-making opportunity pass them by.

Even with the Internet, there are still barriers in exportation. The Internet still needs the traditional forms of Although there have been several advances in technology, there is still sea between the lands on Earth. Sony overcome this barrier in the same way that it ha been beaten for hundreds and hundreds of years - with ships. Although Sony do not have their own ships to transport their goods they have several partners across the globe to help them in this purpose. Sony commissions several of the world's top ferrying companies to help ship goods from the coasts of several countries straight to those of countries thousands of miles away. Since ferrying holds such an important place in the business world , and is also a preferable form of transport for several other companies following in Sony's footsteps, these ferrying companies can often sell at rather high prices. This problem ha led Sony to look in other directions for how to transport their wares.

As well as having to overcome the barriers of water, the distance of travelling across land is still a problem to be reckoned with. Nevertheless this is not a problem that Sony is not capable of handling. This is why the company has also looked towards the ever popular road as a way of transporting their merchandise. This is in general rather cheap as the cost of petrol is not too great except for in countries that put a high tax upon oil such as Britain. Although carrying stock along the road may be cheaper in theory, it is still not a very attractive form of exportation. Driving products takes a lot longer than ferrying them does and so it is hard for companies like Sony to meet stock deadlines with unpredictable occurrences such as traffic jams that can often get in the way.

A much better mode of transporting merchandise must be the aeroplane. It is much faster than either ferrying or driving, and is also much more resistant to the elements. Sony has its own cargo planes that it uses to export its goods across the planet, but this is the more of expensive way of air exportation. Several other electronic companies that have attempted to imitate Sony's innovation have come up with another method. They use public planes to transport their goods - the ones that people like me and you use to travel on holiday every Summer. This method of exportation is inevitably cheaper than that chosen by Sony. All of these methods used to export goods have been found not to be very profit efficient by Sony. Sony is one of few large companies to take a new approach towards commerce. Rather than limiting itself to production in just one country, in this case Japan, Sony has created branches of itself in several countries across the world. This is why you can find Sony factories not just in Japan but also countries like France, America, Columbia and even our very own country - Great Britain. The branch that you live under can be found out simply by playing a game on Sony's ground-breaking games console the Playstation or watching Sony Television in Asia. This method of branching is eventually more cost efficient than any other and so it has taken precedence amongst the others mentioned earlier on in this piece. Sony itself has become the title of family amongst the electronic industry, pioneering the way for others to come through quality and innovation.

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