Contrasting case studies of industries should be chosen with at least one from each of the UK, EU and LEDCs.
Industry as a system.
nputs, processes and outputs.( Global, Regional, Small)

Industrial activity can be classified.
Industry as a system. Definition of primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary industry. Types of goods associated with these industries. ( Global, Regional, Small)

Industrial location is influenced by many factors.
Case studies of locational factors to illustrate the importance of: types of transport and other communications, footloose (hi-tech) industry, government policy, raw materials, labour, capital, energy. Science Parks/greenfield sites (MEDC).
(National, Regional, Local)

Industry changes over time.
Sample studies of the changing nature of industry - industrial estates, multinationals. The effects of these changes in newly industrialised countries (LEDC). (Global)
Year 11 topics are Individual Study, Glaciation, Rivers, Industry, Development and Interdependence.
Individual Study This accounts for 25% of your final GCSE. View Individual Study pages
Unit One - Glaciation. This is one of three physical geography units examined in Paper 1. View the Glaciation topics.
Unit Two - Rivers. This is one of three physical geography units. The physical geography units and skills unit are in Paper 1. View the Rivers topics
Unit Three - Industry This is a major exam subject of Paper 2. View the Industry topics.
Unit Four - Development and Interdependence.This is a major exam subject of Paper 2. View the Development and Interdependence topics.
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