Here you will find images of the Highland glaciated landscape of Scotland. These images were taken deep in the Cairngorm Mountains at Glen More.Click on the thumbnail images for larger image files that will appear in a new window.

Loch Morlich
View west from Cairngorm to Loch Morlich.
Research site
The site of research into the impact of walkers at the top of Cairngorm
700 metres
No trees at 700m above sea level

The thistle and heather grow at altitude
750 metres
Thin vegetation cover give way to bare rock at 750 m
Misfit stream in hanging valley
Heather strewn small glacial valley
Tree line
The layer of vegetation change with altitude.
Thin soils
Walking on the thin soil destroys the vegetation

View from Loch Morlich to the top of Cairngorm

Fast flowing misfit stream
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