Development and Interdependence
Contrasts in development are related to economic, environmental, social and political conditions.
Contrasts between MEDCs and LEDCs in population, health, housing, literacy and GNP.
(Global, National)
Environmental hazards - water and food supply, disease and pests. Control and stewardship.
(Global, National, Regional, Local)

Interdependence means a shared responsibility.
North v South - main trade and economic groupings.
The balance of trade between the north and the south.
Types of products produced and product dependency.
The advantages and disadvantages of this pattern of trade to MEDCs and LEDCs.
(Global, Inter-national, National)
Different types of aid (sources of aid, long or short term aid), political or charitable, conditional/tied.
Advantages and disadvantages of these types of aid.
(Global, Inter-national, National)
Scheme of work 2004
Year 11 topics are Individual Study, Glaciation, Rivers, Industry, Development and Interdependence.
Individual Study This accounts for 25% of your final GCSE. View Individual Study pages
Unit One - Glaciation. This is one of three physical geography units examined in Paper 1. View the Glaciation topics.
Unit Two - Rivers. This is one of three physical geography units. The physical geography units and skills unit are in Paper 1. View the Rivers topics
Unit Three - Industry This is a major exam subject of Paper 2. View the Industry topics.
Unit Four - Development and Interdependence.This is a major exam subject of Paper 2. View the Development and Interdependence topics.
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