GCSE REVISION GUIDE - 4- Paper 1 Physical Case Studies

(A) Written Component One. Weighting: 40% of total assessment. Length of Examination: Paper 1¾ hours.This will comprise two sections:
Section A: Examines skills (click on link for a full list) related to Ordnance Survey mapwork, photographs, sketch maps, cross-sections, satellite images and other resources. This section will have a UK context and will be worth 24 marks.
Section B: Seven resource-based, short structured questions. You will be required to answer three physical geography questions. (Coasts, Rivers and Glaciation). Each question is worth 15 marks. Total Marks = 69

Coastal Management issues (defence systems)
The town of Mappleton
Human usage of Upland Glaciated Areas
Courmayeur & Cairngorms
Land use in the Upper Course of a River
The Upper Course of the River Tees
Erosional Landforms - Cliffs, Wave-cut notches and platforms Caves, Arches and Stacks
Flamborough Head
Erosional Landforms - Corries
Red Tarn
Arêtes Striding Edge
Pyramidal Peaks
The Matterhorn
Land use in the Lower Course of a River
The Lower Course of the River Tees
Erosional/ Depositional Landforms - Headlands and Bays
Erosional Landforms - Glacial Troughs Glencoyne, Truncated Spurs, Hanging Valleys, Ribbon Lakes
Management in the Lower Course of a River
The Lower Course of the River Tees
Depositional Landforms - Spits
Spurn Point
Depositional Landforms - Moraine
Drumlins East Anglia
The impact of floods and flood prevention
River Mississippi
Erosional Landforms
Niagra Falls, Iguaçu River and FallsOuse, Amazon, High Force
Depositional Landforms
River Mississippi