WEEK 23 Where Do We Live?
CONN pp 68+69 EXT. pp 42+43 NC9a Take the class through pp 68+69.Emphasise fig. A as a composite satellite daylight photograph with the red dots superimposed to show population concentrations. Global Population Density and Distribution Introduce the concept of population density from EXT. p42 and refer to fig. B p43. Pupils to list the variables which are linked to High and Low population density. EXT. p43 Q1 and Q2. Read through and complete. Issue Key Geography for GCSE Ass. 6.1a and 6.1b. Complete Q's 1, 2 and 3. UK Population Density and Distribution Homework: Issue Key Geography for GCSE Activity sheets 6.1 and 6.2 explain and set for homework.
WEEK 24 How Do Populations Change?
CONN pp70+71 NC9b VIDEO 101 Population growth in history.(10 mins.) Focus on the "Take Off" point on the graph fig.A, possibly using the Medieval Christian four horrors of the ancient world /Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse that kept population in check prior to the Eighteenth Century; War, Famine, Pestilence and Plague as follows: Define the terms and record them. Spiritual symbolism? VIDEO Terry Pratchett Discworld extract for "Death" (10 mins) Cross Curricular English wider reading. Discussion Forum Divide the class into four discussion areas with the queston,"Why did your horror keep population down and why in more recent historical times are it's effects reduced.?". Take the class through pp 70+71.Explain figs. A-F. List the factors that influence population growth. Complete Activities 3a 4 and5b p71; encourage use of glossary. Homework: Complete Classwork
WEEK 25 What is Migration?
CONN pp 72+73 NC9d mexico city Issue Atlases and Wider World sheets pp35+36 Mexico City. Locate Mexico and briefly introduce the country. Locate Mexico City and remind the class that this was the capital of the Aztecs (option civilisation at History KS2) conquered by the Spanish in the Sixteenth Century. Q+A usually good here. Go on to the Multi racial society photos of fig.C and discuss origins. Discuss pp 72+73. VIDEO 67/H Mexico City population Pressures.. Complete Activities 1-4. Homework: Assessment 8.5 La Esperanza (two weeks) NC 1 2 10 12 SEE STUDENT WEB PAGES ON LA ESPERANZA
WEEK 26 Why Migrate to America?
CONN pp 75+76 NC9d ** Tape Player and tape; "West Side Story"** The USA has a common border with a developing country; Mexico. Issue Atlases and from p 83 to p 90 examine the border with it's surveyed lines in the West and the Rio Grande in the East. Q+A Westerns, hairless dogs etc..... Issue Map Sheet 5.4 Mexico/ USA The richest US state, California, lies at the Western end. Q+A personal images of California from an adolescent UK perspective. To the South of this border lies the whole of Central and South America. Briefly outline the situation of Puerto Rico as a US protectorate. Issue Lyric sheets for West Side Story. Cue tape of West Side Story..."I want to be in America" Puerto Rican song. Q1What was the dream of a late '50s immigrant? Status objects etc.....Social comment Q2What are the images of success for the late 1990s? Pupils write their impressions. Complete map 5.4 to include extra details. Homework: La Esperanza
LECTURE ROOM PC ? NC 9d What are the effects of Migration? CONN pp 76+77 Atlas pp 90+91. " The US-Mexican border is a political and an economic boundary. Mexico is a developing country with average incomes and general standards of living very much below that of the United States."Compare US$ GNP per capita, after explaining it, from atlas (1986) and IT sources. * Relations between the US and Mexico are good but there are real problems in * Mexico has a huge foreign debt owed to banks based in Developed Countries. (Partly based on 1980s oil revenue borrowing.) * The Mexican government has reacted violently to opposition from political parties and there is rebellion in Chiapas province where Indian people are fighting against oppressive landlords. * There is a new Free Trade agreement for Canada USA Mexico, allowing free movement of goods across borders. Foreign Transnational companies, (define and explain),are developing a manufacturing zone of assembly type factories just South of the US border to exploit the cheap labour costs and easy access to US markets. A Japanese executive was kidnapped and held to ransom by Chiapas rebels in 1996, in Cuidad Juarez. Take the class through pp 76+77. Complete Activities 1,3 with "because.." for each and 4. Homework: Complete classwork
WEEK 28 Border Patrol.
Role Playing Exercise Spiritual ? Belief in self, family and friends. Belief in Community? Teacher's role is co-ordinator and recorder. Issue Activity Sheet 5.5 and take the class through the ideas and attitudes. Complete Q1. Pupil's are divided into 10 or so groups and assigned a personality whose attitude to the Mexican immigration issue they have to consider for 5 minutes and then be prepared to argue the case with others from notes that their group have made.; The US Customs and Immigration service based in El Paso. The Mexican Customs, Immigration and Police in Cuidad Juarez. Emilio Sanchez,(cousin of Senor Sanchez on page 76!) and his two friends ages c.20; secondary education but no specific job skills, residents of Chihuahua. They are not planning to stay in Chihuahua. Joe Kaminsky and Associates ,sometime truckers in the Texas/New Mexico/California region ; criminal records for minor felonies including threats of violence. Male, Caucasian, 160 Lbs, .... The Fresno Citrus Growers; fruit farmers, packers and shippers. Pedro Estevez and family; owners of a KFC franchise in San Diego. A successful business for the last ten years. Sam Brown, Leroy Bean, and Miguyen Giap; unemployed High School leavers in San Diego. Sam's grandfather was English. Leroy is an African American and Miguyen's family came from Vietnam in 1976. Senor Sanchez (see page 76) after receiving news of his cousin's ambitions for entry to US society. His Honor Hernando Ortez, US circuit court judge, State of New Mexico. (d.o.b. 2.5.46. in Los Angeles to first generation Mexican Immigrants. Vietnam veteran and respected lawyer. Resident of El Paso.) Saburo Sakai, Regional Manager Panasonic Electronics (Mexico), based in Cuidad Juarez at the new PC assembly facility. Now in the second year of his posting. After 5 minutes or so each group expresses their attitude to the issue of Mexican immigration and the teacher records the essence of it as part of a BB star diagram. Homework: As a record of the activity; pupils to describe and explain the viewpoint of their character to the issue of immigration.