What else would be useful to know?

Yes, the information already has given a rough insight into life in La Esperanza but it can't leave a final conclusion. Firstly I think actual monetary totals would help us understand the living conditions migrants endure compared to ours. I would want to know how many people who have long since migrated are now in a better state (financially and living conditions) than when they first moved and how many feel they have not seen any improvement since migration. All statements would need figures or explicit evidence to support the migrant's claims. The problem with the information given is that much is not measurable and is opinion so may be very different to ours. If we are to truly judge the plight of the migrants to La Esperanza we need evidence to back up opinions and universal ways of showing opinions


If I were to visit the city of La Esperanza I would ask many questions and if possible visit the homes of migrants and their work places. At their homes I would record what possessions they have and see their usual diet. I would want take pictures to record the actual conditions of living (e.g. how clean they are, how comfortable and how large houses are.) At the work places I would want to find out the actual ratio of pay per hour worked. This would show how hard it is to finance a family. I would also want to ask bosses whether the workers will ever receive a pay rise or get any bonuses. It would be interesting to know what breaks they receive and look out for any discrimination in the work place. It would be useful to know whether they receive different treatment because they migrated to the city (even after many years in some cases).



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