This assessment relates to the photograph of the flooding that took place around Tewkesbury in March 1988. Flooding of the Rivers Severn and Avon continues to be a problem for the town.

Answer the following Questions on the paper provided..
Credit will be given, where relevant, to the use of O.S. grid references and specific place names and features as evidence for your conclusions..
1. What were the likely causes of flooding in March 1988?

Using the photograph and the O.S. map extract
2. Describe and explain the effects of the flooding on the area.

3.What is the evidence to suggest that the development of the town has been influenced by the possibility of frequent flooding?

4.What might be done to:

a) reduce the possibility of flooding in the future and

b) to reduce the damage caused by flooding.


The physical and human processes and their interactions are described and the links between places are identified in terms of their similarities and differences. The historical development of Tewkesbury in relation to flooding is explained using photo and map evidence. Appropriate and specific evidence is used to draw valid conclusions, whilst recognising the limitations of the photo and map as information sources..


The physical and human processes and their interactions, how they relate to each other, are described. The resulting similarities and differences in the situations at different places are recognised and described. Explanations are offered for the way in Tewkesbury has changed over time. The limitations of the photo and map as information sources are clearly recognised. Valid evidence is offered for most stated conclusions


Explanations are offered for a range of physical and human processes but not necessarily how they interact or relate to each other. The same processes in different places are seen to have different effects. Changes over time are described but not explained. Some comment on the limitations of the source material is included. Some, but not all, conclusions are supported by valid, specific evidence.


A simple description and explanation is offered for a range of physical and human processes. The changes in the environment and similarities and differences in places are recognised and simply described and explained. Most conclusions are not supported by valid evidence.:

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