Radio Car Car go ga-ga in Milano
As the lucky winners of the year 2000 "Travelwise" competition, our group of five from King Edward VI Camp Hill Boys, visited Birmingham's Italian twin city, Milan.
Due to the nature of this competition and the links between Birmingham and Milan, it was considered appropriate that we compare public transport networks.
It immediately struck us that there were differences between the public transportof the two cities. Milan boasts a diverse network including trolley buses, trams, underground metro and buses serving the city.The majority of the trams date back 70 years with the youngest ones being 30 years old.
As part of the visit, we were introduced to Roberto Degani, a representative from Azienda Transporti Milanesi (ATM), the public transport operators in Milan. This company was founded in the 1930's and is facing rival tender to provide a transport service in 2003, when ATM's contract expires.
Following an informative meeting, we obtained a good understanding of their transport policy. He explained how measures have been implemented in order to attract people away from their cars.The heavy state subsidies have meant much investment into improving the system whilst the fares remain very low.
This has resulted in 48% of travel within the city being on public transport.
The nature of private journeys is changing with many older drivers who want to maintain personal mobility.
In Milan they have five metro lines with one more under construction. There are many other ways in which ATM promote public transport.
You can use the same ticket on all types of transport, they have real time display-which tells you how long you must wait for the bus (100 will be in place next year) and the Milanese pride themselves on their frequency, efficiency and punctuality.
Similarly to Birmingham there is a widely used park and ride scheme, where Birmingham relies heavily on its buses, Milan uniquely preserved its tram network, which accounts for 97% of the public transport in the heart of the city. Arrivederci
Facts to savour :
* Milanese pay just 2500 lira (75p) to park their cars in the CBD/inner ring (city centre)
* ATM have frozen fare prices for 5 years
Authors - J.Peet,S.Edwards,R.Adams,B.Harvey and P. Andrews.
Web Design and Photographs - K.Phipps

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