From here you can download the powerpoint presentation of Georgian Architecture.

Georgian architecture is characterised by a number of distinct features. Examples of Georgian town houses are found in many British cities such as London, Bath, Worcester, York and Chester. This photo of the Granada offices in Chester illustrates some of these features.

There are three stories. The top floor has small windows and was the servant living quarters. The owners living space was on the ground floor and first floor. These are charasterised by large picture windows. Each window has a distinct limestone lintel and frame. The walls are built of brick unlike the timber framed buildings of earlier building periods. There is often a basement which was where the servants worked. The main door was very distinct in the georgian period.. The door frame was often flanked by classic columns either Doric (plain capital stone) or Ionic (scrolled) reflecting classical Greek influence. Georgian houses typically had a semi circular fan light above a panelled solid wood door.