Get the weather delivered to your desktop every day direct from the BBC. Download the software and be kept up to date EVERY DAY!
  Get Shockwave player for free. This player will enable you to run an animated version of the BBC weather screensaver.
Microsoft Internet Explorer
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Internet Explorer is the browser you can use to view internet pages. You can download the latest version from Microsoft FREE if you click on the Microsoft symbol on the left. is best viewed in a screen resolution of 800x600.
From this link you can download a fabulous waterfall screensaver.Based on real photos, this beautiful screensaver comes complete with peaceful sounds of the forest and flowing water. It is not only nice to look at but hugely relaxing.
PDF documents can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free of charge from the Adobe site, under Downloading Acrobat Reader Software.
Download Adobe Acrobat (Required to read PDF documents)
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RealPlayer Basic allows you to enjoy streaming audio and video on networks and the Internet. It includes RealFlash support, destination buttons for one-click access to news and entertainment, near CD-quality audio (28.8-kbps and faster connections only) and full-screen video capability. It also gives you access to over 100 radio stations, the Take 5 entertainment programming showcase and more.